Membership Information

General Membership Info

Any person over the age of 18 who resides in the City of Quincy or works for a non-profit organization serving the City of Quincy, may become a member of Quincy Access Television (QATV).

In order to gain access to production resources and training, an individual must become a QATV Quincy Resident Access Member by:
1. Completing a membership application.
2. Showing proof of Quincy residency, or, if a non-resident, providing a letter from his or her Quincy-based non-profit organization or employer.
3. Paying an annual membership fee or, if authorized, providing in kind office or studio work.
4. Attending an orientation session, completing basic studio and portable workshops, and passing appropriate certification examinations.

Non-residents may become Organizational Access Members if they are affiliated with a non-profit organization based in Quincy: as producer of programming specifically for or about that organization or as crew for their organization's production or productions produced by other Access Members. To become an Organizational Access Member, an individual must complete the same procedures as those for Quincy Resident Access Members as cited above.


Membership Fees

Individual Membership: $25.00

Family Membership (at least three members of same household): $30.00

Organizational Membership (non-profit): $35.00 includes producer, and 4 other crew members, each additional member $10.00

Organizational Membership (for profit): $50.00 includes producer, and 4 other crew members, each additional member $15.00