Currently in Quincy

Currently in Quincy is a live program that airs Monday and Friday at 11:30am on QATV-8 and QATV-11.  The program features news, weather, and community updates.  Each show also features an interview with non-profit organizations, city officials, or individuals in an attempt to keep the residents of Quincy well informed.

Upcoming guests:

December 2nd - Ann Foresman and Kathy Ceurvels of the Wollaston Garden Club talk about their annual Holiday Greens Sale.     

December 5th - Captains' Tim and Nicole Ross of the Quincy Salvation Army promote their annual Holiday Kettle Drive.    

December 9th - Robert Pierson of the Norfolk County RSVP Program.       

December 12th -Revered David Wooster of the Esther Sanger Center for Compassion with an annual holiday appeal.    

December 16th - Amy Schram of the Better Business Bureau with some tips for safe holiday shopping.      

December 19th - Lisa Braxton of the National Fire Protection Association of Quincy offers some holiday and winter safety tips. 

December 23rd  -  No Show.   

December 26th - Closed. No Show.  



scheduled guests are subject to change