Currently in Quincy

Currently in Quincy is a live program that airs Monday and Friday at 11:30am on QATV-8 and QATV-11.  The program features news, weather, and community updates.  Each show also features an interview with non-profit organizations, city officials, or individuals in an attempt to keep the residents of Quincy well informed.

Upcoming guests:


April 3rd - Woodward School for Girls Headmaster Walter Hubley, with Beth Ann Strollo, CEO of Quincy Community Action Programs and Wendy Simmons, President of Prism Energy of Quincy.      

April 7th - Bob Damon, Director of the Visitors Program at The United First Parish Church of Quincy.   

April 10th - Interfaith Social Services Director Rick Doane.   

April 14th -  Representatives from DOVE, Domestic Violence Ended of Quincy.    

April 17th - Closed - No Show.     

April  21st -  Quincy Animal Shelter.     

April 24th  -  President of the Friends of Wollaston Beach, Doug Gutro.   

April 28th - Annie Wright and Yoichi Udagawa of The Quincy Symphony Orchestra.  



scheduled guests are subject to change