Free Our Voices

Free Our Voices hosted and produced by Maria Battaglia
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"Free Our Voices", is the creation of Quincy born resident Maria Battaglia. Ms. Battaglia came up with the idea for the show, born out of frustration with the lack of liberal and progressive point of views in the mainstream media. Ever since the aftermath of 9-11, if the media was not on board with the Bush administration, you were quickly silenced. This is what has motivated Ms. Battaglia, and continues to drive her ambitious agenda of presenting dissenting views. The erudite producer, is never afraid to speak truth to power.

The premiere show aired in January 2008, "Free Our Voices" has evolved into an eclectic program that presents,: intellectual lectures, and special events, ranging from topics as diverse from the death penalty to world peace initiatives.

Distinguished guests have been featured such as: former Gov. Michael Dukakis. Other notable guests have included: Former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter, Sen. Chuck Hagel, economist Paul Krugman and political commentator David Gergen. Ms. Battaglia, is quite proud of the fact, of the many shows she has broadcasted showcasing, war veterans for peace.

Biography of the producer
Ms. Battaglia, works full time in the Human Services Field, as a mental health counselor. She graduated with high honors from Quincy College, receiving an A.S. degree, and holds a B.B.A. degree from Anna Maria College., attaining their highest distinction- Summa Cum Laude.