QATV-8 Program Schedule

QATV-8 Public Access Programming

Monday, October 16th
11:30amLIVE: Currently in Quincy
12:00pm – In the Spotlight: Tom Clasby at John Noonan Senior Forum
12:30pm – At Your Library: October Happenings
1:30pm – FYI: Quincy Health Department, topic: Autumn Rakes & Pains
5:00pm – Currently in Quincy (replay)
6:00pm – Asian Spectrum
7:00pmLIVE: Eye on Quincy
8:00pm – Faces of South Asia: Women Wanting Dignity Worldwide
8:30pm – Quincy in Focus
9:00pm – Hingham vs Quincy Football (10/6/17)
11:05pm – Free Our Voices: Free Speech Rally

Tuesday, October 17
2:00pm – 
FYI: Quincy Health Department: Fatty Liver
2:30pm – Health Links: Radiation Oncology
3:00pm – AM Quincy: Quincy Art Association
3:30pm – Update: DPW: Fall Season
4:00pm – Supreme Master Ching Hai

5:30pm – Window on Taiwan: Uncle Stone’s Lotus Farm
6:00pm – Eye on Quincy (10/16/17)
7:00pm – State View with State Representative Bruce Ayers
7:30pm – Quincy in Focus
8:00pm – The Call: 100 Years of the Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima
9:00pm – In the Spotlight: Tom Clasby at John Noonan Senior Forum
9:30pm – In the Know: Meals on Wheels
10:00pm – All Friends Cabaret: Benson Da General

Wednesday, October 18
2:00pm – FYI: Quincy Health Department: Ovarian Cancer
2:30pm – Health Links: “Remembering When” Program
3:00pm – In the Know: Meals on Wheels
3:30pm – Quincy ArtsFest Awards

6:00pm – Good News
7:00pm – Retirement Planning with Frank Rubino
7:30pm – AM Quincy: Electric Drive Week
8:00pm – At the Library Concert: Hit the Roof
9:00pm – Physician Focus
9:30pm – Sound Advice: MassHousing
10:00pm – The Constitution: Then and Now

Thursday, October 19
– Supreme Master Ching Hai
2:00pm – FYI: Quincy Health Department: Myasthenia Gravis
2:30pm – Health Links: Rodent Control
3:00pm – At the Library Concert Series: Hit the Roof

5:50pm – Bethany Congregational Church Sunday Worship Service
7:00pm – LIVE: Ward 6 Issues & Concerns: School Committee Candidates Forum
8:00pm – Hingham vs Quincy Football (10/6/17)

Friday, October 20
2:00pm –
FYI: Quincy Health Department: Non-24
2:30pm – Health Links: Self-Defense
3:00pm – Currently in Quincy: The Interviews: Quincy College & Dependable Cleaners
3:30pm – AM Quincy: John Paul, AAA