Quincy COVID Memories Project

Share your experiences and memories of life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic will mark a unique place in history, one that has and is effecting every individual on different levels. The City of Quincy, in collaboration with the Thomas Crane Public Library, Quincy400 and Quincy Access Television, has created the Quincy Covid Memories Project to offer individuals living and working in the City of Quincy to share their expressions of life during this extraordinary time.

This community memory project invites people to share photos, stories, art, remembrances, poems as well as brief videos and audio files that represent what is most meaningful and relevant during this time. The Quincy Covid Memories Website and digital archives will document, preserve and share these experiences.

“The Covid-19 experience is something that our world, our nation and our community are experiencing together but every individual has a different story to share,” said Mayor Thomas P. Koch. “The Quincy Covid Memories Project has been created to capture the impressions of everyone in our City who would like to participate to document this time in history.”

There are two ways to submit your contributions to this project:
- Visit www.quincyculturalmemory.com and upload your contribution.
- Send your contributions by mail to the Thomas Crane Public Library attn. Local History, 40 Washington St., Quincy, MA 02169

All submissions will be preserved as a part of our community’s historical record in the archives of the Thomas Crane Library for future generations.

For questions or further information about the project, email qulocalhistory@ocln.org or call the Thomas Crane Library’s information line at 617-376-1102.